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Dolce & Gelato Brings the Flavor & the Fun

I scream. You scream. We all scream for... gelato?

Yes, friends. Yes, we do. Especially when that gelato is coming from Dolce & Gelato in downtown Pensacola!

Tried to take a photo, but the gelato was melting so.... priorities.

Housed in Moreno Cottage, which is part of Historic Pensacola Village and was built in 1879, it is about as quaint as it gets, from the outside. But don't let it's Green Gables exterior fool you. As soon as you open the door, you are basically stepping into an episode of "I Love the 80s."

Almost every inch of their red walls are covered with pop culture references ranging from PeeWee Herman to Marilyn Monroe. Dolce's unique personality really shines through in their menu, as well.

Hello, gorgeous.

You've got Avocado Lime, Banana Pie, The Fat Elvis and Red Velvet Cupcake, just to name a few. Pensacola's beloved Bushwacker even makes an appearance! This week, I got to try the Chirv, which is a heavenly oreo and espresso combo inspired by one of our fabulous local chefs, Irv Miller from Jackson's Steakhouse! If you've ever dipped an oreo in your coffee... you know what the hype is all about.

I will take a scoop of each please and thank you.

Their craziest and most decadent flavor is probably The French Queen, which is inspired by the face of Dolce - Marie Antoinette. It's French vanilla, French lavender, pound cake and edible gold leaf... There is no way Marie would've been telling anyone else to eat cake if it were in a magical concoction like this. She'd be eating the dang thing herself! They also have coffee drinks, wine, cheese and even desserts like the Hibiscus Lime Margarita Sorbetto, for the over-21 crowd.

This fun piece was made by popular local artist, Rafi!

One of the things that I love most about this place is how much they enjoy being part of the downtown community. It shows in how much fun they have and in how well they connect with their customers, even creating new flavors in homage to some of their most loyal regulars. They also go out of their way to collaborate with and support their fellow local businesses. When a place has an amazing product, that's a win in my book. But when they have passion and heart to back it up, that's is a rare find that should be celebrated.

And any place that has a Christopher Walken curtain will always get my seal of approval.

I have a fever... and the only prescription.... is more gelato.

Don't mind if I do.

Be sure to check them out, and let me know what YOUR favorite Dolce & Gelato flavor is in the comments!

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