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Get dad something he REALLY wants #TeamNoTies

Father's Day is just over two weeks away which means many people are starting to look for a new tie for the old man. Please don't be one of those people. Ties can be fun, but don't you think your dad has enough of those? Let this guide be your inspiration for finding a gift your Pa will never forget!

For the musician...

This leather wallet is sleek and small, which means it has got to be more comfortable than that dinosaur he's been carrying around for years now that is about to break in half. And the fact that it has a pocket for a guitar pick? It's like the Paul Newman of wallets. So smooth. Being the cool musician that he is, you dad will probably even recognize that the name of this company comes from the Allman Brothers song of the same name.

Whipping Post's Mojave Picker's Wallet

For the time traveler...

Oh, nostalgia. Give dad a little stroll down memory lane with Retro Pop Box. This subscription box is so cool and will have your dad reliving the good old days every month. You can choose to get a box from the same era every month (choose from 70s, 80s or 90s), or you can switch it up and get a different decade each time! Typically, you'll get a t-shirt and about five other nifty little treasures. Definitely cooler than a tie or cuff links!

Retro Pop Box

For the history buff...

Give your dad an experience that he won't be able to stop talking about! Look around your hometown for an opportunity to delve into your city's past! If you're lucky enough to be in the Pensacola Bay Area, you can take your dad on a historic Segway tour with Emerald Coast Tours! Better yet, wait until after dark and take ECT's Ghosts, Murders and Mayhem tour! Nic and the other tour guides have more than 450 years worth of ghost stories to tell with each one even spookier than the last. By the end of this adventure, dad is going to have more than enough material for the next campfire ghost story session.

Emerald Coast Tours Segway Tour

For the grill master...

Guys, this may be the most dadtastic thing I have ever seen. I don't even grill, but I want one for myself SO BADLY I can't even tell you. I give you... the BBQ sword. Not only is this skewer shaped like a SWORD (A SWORD, YOU GUYS.) but it also comes with a MASK. If you get this for your dad, there is a 98% chance all grilled items will have a primitive Z pattern etched into them. It's just the dad thing to do.

The BBQ Sword from Urban Gifts UK on Amazon

For the outdoor enthusiast...

I've seen this thing on TV multiple times in the last few months, and I've got to say... it looks pretty freakin cool. All you do is hold the bag out and the wind fills it up? And now you've got a comfy bed/couch thing? It seems too good to be true, but apparently it IS true. This is the perfect thing for dad to take on his next camping trip, or even just to lounge on under a tree in the backyard.

Relaxing in nature, but not in the dirt. #TheDream Photo from

For the handy(ish) man...

Dads and duct tape... this dastardly duo has been fixing most of life's problems (at least temporarily) since the dawn of time (or the invention of duct tape, which according to google, the tape as we know it came about in the 60s. #TheMoreYouKnow). With this keychain at your dad's disposal, who KNOWS what he can do? The possibilities for minor repairs are ENDLESS.

Duct Tape Keychain from Cool Material

For the techie...

These days, the thing most dads seem to covet is the super cool drone camera. I chose the UDI 818A HD because it is, apparently, the perfect drone for beginners. Dad's everywhere can now keep an eye on their domain better than ever before with the introduction of this mass-produced super-sleuth. What happened to all the tennis balls? Well, the footage shows there are approximately 46 of them on the roof. Frisbees? Roof. Dog toys? ROOF. Ladies and gentleman... order is restored.

Now, that's cool. You can get this little gem shipped for free on Amazon!

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there! Especially this one because he's the best!

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